e.share 90% Green Shade Cloth 10ft X 12ft Heavy Duty Shade Mesh Tarp with Grommets for Garden Patio

e.share 90% Green Shade Cloth 10ft X 12ft Heavy Duty Shade Mesh Tarp with Grommets for Garden Patio


Welcome to our article about the e.share 90% Green Shade Cloth! If you love spending time in your garden patio but want to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays, this heavy-duty shade mesh tarp is the perfect solution for you. With its durable construction and convenient grommets, it offers both functionality and style. Let’s dive into the details and discover why this shade cloth is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Main Features

1. Superior Sun Protection

The e.share 90% Green Shade Cloth provides excellent sun protection, blocking up to 90% of harmful UV rays. This ensures that you can enjoy your time outdoors without worrying about sunburns or excessive heat.

2. Heavy-Duty Construction

Constructed with high-quality materials, this shade mesh tarp is built to last. It can withstand various weather conditions, including strong winds and heavy rain, making it suitable for long-term outdoor use.

3. Easy Installation

The shade cloth comes with grommets evenly spaced along the edges, allowing for easy and secure installation. Simply attach it to your garden patio or any other desired area using ropes, hooks, or zip ties.

4. Versatile Design

With its green color and sleek design, the e.share Shade Cloth seamlessly blends into any outdoor setting. Whether you have a modern or traditional garden patio, this shade cloth will complement your space beautifully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dimensions of the shade cloth?

A: The e.share 90% Green Shade Cloth measures 10ft X 12ft, providing ample coverage for your garden patio.

Q: Can I cut the shade cloth to fit my specific needs?

A: Yes, the shade cloth can be easily cut to your desired size without compromising its durability or functionality.

Q: Is the shade cloth resistant to mold and mildew?

A: Absolutely! The e.share Shade Cloth is designed to resist mold and mildew, ensuring a clean and hygienic outdoor environment.

Q: How do I clean the shade cloth?

A: Cleaning the shade cloth is a breeze. Simply rinse it with water and mild soap, then let it air dry before storing it.

In conclusion, the e.share 90% Green Shade Cloth is a reliable and stylish solution for protecting yourself from the sun while enjoying your garden patio. Its superior sun protection, heavy-duty construction, easy installation, and versatile design make it a must-have accessory for any outdoor enthusiast. Don’t let the sun ruin your outdoor experience – get your e.share Shade Cloth today!