Vapor Trail Accessory Pack

Vapor Trail Accessory Pack

From our arrow holding shag pad all the way to the riser bolt, the Vapor Trail Accessory Pack has got you covered. Whether you need a replacement set or simply want to upgrade your archery equipment, this kit is perfect for you.

What’s Included

  • 1 Black Shag Pad
  • 1 Black Limb Pad
  • 1 29.5″ Black Activation Cord
  • 1 Standard 5/16″ X 3/4″ Riser Bolt

Black Shag Pad

The black shag pad is designed to securely hold your arrows in place. Its soft and durable material ensures that your arrows are protected and won’t slip out during transportation or storage.

Black Limb Pad

The black limb pad provides additional support and stability to your limb driven rests. It helps to reduce noise and vibration, allowing for a smoother and more accurate shot.

29.5″ Black Activation Cord

The 29.5″ black activation cord is long enough to accommodate most bows. It ensures a consistent and reliable activation of your limb driven rests, giving you the confidence to make every shot count.

Standard 5/16″ X 3/4″ Riser Bolt

The standard 5/16″ X 3/4″ riser bolt is a crucial component for setting up your limb driven rests. It provides a secure attachment to your bow’s riser, ensuring that your rests stay in place even during intense shooting sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these accessories with other brands of limb driven rests?

Yes, the Vapor Trail Accessory Pack is compatible with many other brands of limb driven rests. However, we recommend checking the specifications of your rests to ensure proper fit and functionality.

Are these accessories easy to install?

Yes, these accessories are designed for easy installation. Simply follow the included instructions or refer to our online tutorials for step-by-step guidance.

Can I purchase individual items from the pack?

Yes, individual items from the Vapor Trail Accessory Pack are available for purchase. Please contact our customer service for more information.


Upgrade your archery equipment with the Vapor Trail Accessory Pack. With its high-quality accessories, including the black shag pad, black limb pad, 29.5″ black activation cord, and standard 5/16″ X 3/4″ riser bolt, you’ll have everything you need for a successful and enjoyable shooting experience. Don’t settle for less, get the Vapor Trail Accessory Pack today!