Teenage Engineering ZM-4 Line Module Expansion for OP-Z

Teenage Engineering ZM-4 Line Module Expansion for OP-Z


The Teenage Engineering ZM-4 Line Module is an exciting expansion for the popular OP-Z music production device. Designed to enhance your music creation capabilities, this module offers a range of innovative features that will take your compositions to the next level.

Main Features

  • Multiple Line Inputs: The ZM-4 Line Module provides four line inputs, allowing you to connect external audio sources such as synthesizers, drum machines, or other instruments. This expands the sonic possibilities of your OP-Z.
  • Individual Level Control: Each line input has its own dedicated level control, giving you precise control over the volume of each source. This allows you to create dynamic and balanced mixes.
  • High-Quality Audio: The module ensures pristine audio quality, preserving the integrity of your sound sources. Experience crystal-clear recordings and playback.
  • Seamless Integration: The ZM-4 Line Module seamlessly integrates with the OP-Z, connecting directly to its expansion port. No additional cables or adapters are required, making it easy to incorporate into your setup.
  • Compact and Portable: Designed with portability in mind, the ZM-4 Line Module is compact and lightweight. It easily fits into your backpack or music production bag, allowing you to take your music creation on the go.

How to Use

Using the Teenage Engineering ZM-4 Line Module is straightforward. Simply connect your desired audio sources to the line inputs using standard audio cables. Adjust the individual level controls to achieve the desired balance between the different sources. Once connected, the module seamlessly integrates with the OP-Z, expanding its capabilities and providing you with endless creative possibilities.


The Teenage Engineering ZM-4 Line Module expansion for OP-Z is a must-have for any music producer or enthusiast looking to enhance their music creation experience. With its multiple line inputs, individual level control, high-quality audio, seamless integration, and portability, this module opens up a world of sonic exploration and creativity. Take your compositions to new heights with the ZM-4 Line Module.