TREND FOR HOME Decorated Highball Glasses Tall Drinking Glasses

TREND FOR HOME Decorated Highball Glasses Tall Drinking Glasses


Welcome to the world of TREND FOR HOME Decorated Highball Glasses! Our Lotte collection offers a set of 6 tall drinking glasses that are perfect for any occasion. Made with high-quality glass, these glasses are not only durable but also beautifully designed. Let’s dive into the details and discover why our Lotte highball glasses are a must-have for your home.

Main Features

1. Set of 6 Glass Tumblers

Our Lotte set includes 6 tall drinking glasses with a generous capacity of 370 ml. Each glass has dimensions of 83 x 83 x 144 mm, making them perfect for serving your favorite beverages.

2. Versatile Glasses

These highball glasses are incredibly versatile. Whether you want to serve water, refreshing juices, chilled drinks, or even healthy fruit and vegetable cocktails, our Lotte glasses are up for the task. Their thick glass construction ensures durability and reliability.

3. Classic Shape and Modern Design

The Lotte collection features a classic shape with a modern twist. Each glass is decorated with a rhombus motif, adding a unique and modernist character to your table setting. The clear geometric pattern complements any interior, making them an ideal addition to your home.

4. High Quality

Our water glasses are made of soda-lime glass, which is free of lead and other heavy metals. This ensures that you can enjoy your favorite beverages without any concerns. The high durability and strength of these glasses make them perfect for everyday use.

5. European Product

We take pride in producing our glass tumblers with the utmost care in the European Union. We prioritize ecology, and that’s why our glasses are 100% recyclable. By choosing our Lotte highball glasses, you are not only getting a high-quality product but also supporting sustainable practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these glasses dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, our Lotte highball glasses are dishwasher safe. You can conveniently clean them without worrying about any damage.

Q: Can these glasses be used for hot beverages?

A: These glasses are primarily designed for cold beverages. It is not recommended to use them for hot drinks as the glass may become too hot to handle.

Q: Are these glasses suitable for outdoor use?

A: While our Lotte glasses are durable, it is advisable to use them indoors to prevent any accidental breakage. They are perfect for indoor gatherings and everyday use.

Experience the elegance and functionality of TREND FOR HOME Decorated Highball Glasses. Order your set of Lotte glasses today and elevate your drinking experience!