Springflower Tea Party Set for Little Girls

Springflower Tea Party Set for Little Girls


Welcome to the magical world of the Springflower Tea Party Set! This delightful pretend play toy is designed specifically for little girls aged 3-6 years old. With its unicorn theme and charming accessories, it’s sure to bring hours of joy and imaginative play.

Main Features

  • Tin Tea Set: The Springflower Tea Party Set includes a beautifully designed tin tea set with cups, saucers, a teapot, and a sugar bowl. The vibrant colors and unicorn motifs make it a visual delight.
  • Carrying Case: The set comes with a convenient carrying case, allowing your little one to take the tea party wherever they go. The case is sturdy and lightweight, making it easy for children to handle.
  • Desserts: No tea party is complete without delicious treats! The Springflower Tea Party Set includes a variety of desserts, such as cupcakes, cookies, and macarons. These miniature treats add an extra touch of sweetness to the playtime experience.
  • Kitchen Pretend Play: This tea party set encourages imaginative play and helps develop social skills. Children can take turns pouring tea, serving desserts, and engaging in conversations, fostering creativity and communication.
  • 32 Pieces: With 32 pieces in total, this tea party set offers endless possibilities for play. Your little one can invite friends or stuffed animals to join the tea party, creating memorable moments and fostering friendships.

Unicorn Gift

The Springflower Tea Party Set makes a perfect unicorn-themed gift for little girls. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just a special occasion, this toy is sure to bring smiles and excitement. The magical unicorn design adds an extra touch of enchantment to the tea party experience.


The Springflower Tea Party Set is a must-have for little girls who love unicorns and pretend play. With its tin tea set, carrying case, and desserts, it provides endless opportunities for imaginative play and social interaction. Give your child the gift of a magical tea party and watch their creativity soar!