Single Phase Electric Motor – High Torque Alren

Single Phase Electric Motor – High Torque Alren

Are you in need of a powerful and efficient single phase electric motor? Look no further! Our 0.75KW / 1CV 220V 1500RPM B3 / Legs Size 80 – Axle 19 mm motor is the perfect solution for your needs.

Product Specifications

Powerful Performance

With a power rating of 0.75KW / 1CV, our electric motor delivers high torque and reliable performance. It is designed to handle heavy-duty applications with ease.

Efficient Operation

Operating at 220V and 1500RPM, our motor ensures efficient and smooth operation. It is designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing output.

Durable Construction

The motor features a sturdy B3 / Legs Size 80 design, making it suitable for various mounting positions. The 19 mm axle ensures stability and durability, even under heavy loads.

Benefits of Our Electric Motor

High Torque

Our electric motor is specifically designed to deliver high torque, making it ideal for applications that require a lot of power.

Easy Installation

The B3 / Legs Size 80 design allows for easy installation in different positions, providing flexibility and convenience.

Energy Efficient

With its efficient operation, our motor helps reduce energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this motor be used for industrial applications?

Yes, our electric motor is suitable for industrial applications that require high torque and reliable performance.

2. What is the voltage requirement for this motor?

This motor operates at 220V, ensuring compatibility with standard electrical systems.

3. Is the motor easy to maintain?

Yes, our motor is designed for easy maintenance. Regular cleaning and lubrication will help ensure its longevity and optimal performance.


When it comes to a high torque single phase electric motor, our 0.75KW / 1CV 220V 1500RPM B3 / Legs Size 80 – Axle 19 mm motor is the perfect choice. With its powerful performance, efficient operation, and durable construction, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. Invest in our motor and experience the difference it can make in your operations.