SainSmart Mini DSO213 Handheld Pocket-Sized Digital Storage Oscilloscope


The SainSmart Mini DSO213 is a handheld pocket-sized digital storage oscilloscope that offers convenience and portability without compromising on performance. With its upgraded features and user-friendly interface, it is the perfect tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.


  • Model: DS213
  • MCU: STM32F103VC
  • ADC: HWD9288
  • Channels: 2 Analog channels + 2 Digital channels
  • Analog Bandwidth: 15MHz
  • Max Sample Rate: 100MSa/s
  • Max Sample Memory Depth: 4K
  • Horizontal Sensitivity: 100nS/Div~1S/Div(1-2-5 sequence step)
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 10mv/Div~10V/Div(1-2-5 sequence step)
  • Analog Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Coupling: DC/AC
  • Storage: 8MB USB flash disk memory
  • USB port: Mini USB
  • Battery: 1000mAh
  • Screen Size: 3″
  • Screen Resolution: 400×240
  • Dimension: 99x59x13mm
  • Weight(with Battery): 129g
  • Open Source: Application layer Open-Source
  • Certifications: CE/FCC


Upgrade Version

The DSO213 is the latest upgrade in the SainSmart DSO oscilloscope family. It offers an increased analog bandwidth of 15MHz compared to the previous model’s 8MHz. The max sample rate has also been improved to 100MSa/s from 72MSa/s, providing more accurate and detailed measurements.

Color Display

The bright color display of the DSO213 allows for easy visualization of any measured AC current. It accurately presents sine, square, sawtooth, and triangle waveforms, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Simple to Use

Operating the DSO213 is simple and intuitive, with a user interface that resembles that of a smartphone. Taps and swipes are used to navigate through menus and adjust settings, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.


With its compact and pocket-sized design, the DSO213 can be easily carried around wherever you go. It is lightweight and convenient, making it the perfect companion for fieldwork or on-the-go measurements.

Easy Saving

The built-in 8MB flash storage allows for easy saving and transferring of waveform images. This feature simplifies data management and ensures that important measurements are always accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the DSO213 be used for professional applications?

Yes, the DSO213 is suitable for both professional and hobbyist use. Its upgraded features and performance make it a reliable tool for various applications.

2. How long does the battery last?

The DSO213 is equipped with a 1000mAh battery, which provides a decent operating time. However, the battery life may vary depending on usage and settings.

3. Is the DSO213 compatible with other accessories?

Yes, the DSO213 is compatible with a range of accessories, including oscilloscope probes. It offers versatility and flexibility in measurement setups.


The SainSmart Mini DSO213 Handheld Pocket-Sized Digital Storage Oscilloscope is a powerful and portable tool that offers convenience and accuracy in measuring AC currents. With its upgraded features, user-friendly interface, and compact design, it is the perfect choice for professionals and hobbyists who require a reliable oscilloscope on the go.