SPRUDELUX庐 CO2 Transfer Adapter for Water Carbonator Duo Quick Connect QC, Art and Terra


The SPRUDELUX庐 CO2 transfer adapter is designed for transferring CO2 gas from large bottles (2, 6, or 10 kg) into the new Quick Connect CO2 cylinders. This adapter is specifically suitable for soda water carbonators DUO, ART, and TERRA.

How It Works

Using the SPRUDELUX庐 CO2 transfer adapter is a breeze. Here are the steps:

  1. Using a screwdriver, empty the residual pressure of the CO2 cylinder by pressing the pin of the valve.
  2. Place the cylinder in the freezer for a few hours to make it ice cold.
  3. Screw the union nut of the transfer adapter to the large CO2 bottle using an open-end wrench.
  4. Insert an empty Quick Connect CO2 cylinder into the adapter.
  5. Open the valve of the large gas bottle, and the gas will flow into the cylinder.
  6. After approximately 15-20 seconds, the cylinder will be refilled.
  7. Turn the valve of the large gas bottle again.
  8. Lower the residual pressure on the bleed screw.
  9. Done! Now the full Quick Connect cylinder can be removed from the adapter and used in the aerator.

Box Contents

The box includes:

  • Transfer adapter suitable for soda water carbonator Quick Connect
  • Instruction manual in German

Important Note

This transfer adapter is only suitable for the new Quick Connect system.

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The SPRUDELUX庐 CO2 transfer adapter provides an easy and convenient way to refill Quick Connect CO2 cylinders for soda water carbonators. With its simple operation and compatibility with large CO2 bottles, this adapter ensures a hassle-free carbonation experience. Say goodbye to running out of CO2 and enjoy sparkling water whenever you want.