Pure Bitter Almond Oil – 32 oz – Unrefined, Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, Non-GMO 100% All Natural, Vegan, Carrier Oil Perfect for Body, Hair, Face, Skin, Nails, Facial Hair, DIY, Cosmetics

Pure Bitter Almond Oil – 32 oz

About Pure Bitter Almond Oil

Pure Bitter Almond Oil is a high-quality, unrefined, cold-pressed, and extra virgin oil. It is 100% all-natural, vegan, and non-GMO. This versatile carrier oil is perfect for various uses, including body care, hair care, face care, skin care, nail care, facial hair care, DIY projects, and cosmetics.

The Benefits of Pure Bitter Almond Oil

The vitamin E in Pure Bitter Almond Oil nourishes your skin, making it smoother and softer. It is a popular choice among manufacturers, aromatherapists, and massage therapists. The oil is widely used in toilet soaps and is known for its exceptional lubricating properties.

Organic and Cyanide-Free

Our Pure Bitter Almond Oil is organically sourced from a trusted supplier. It is made with non-GMO almonds and does not contain any cyanide. We prioritize the purity and safety of our product, ensuring that it meets the highest standards.

Lightweight and Non-Greasy

Unlike other oils, our Pure Bitter Almond Oil is light enough to be applied anywhere on your body. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a thick, greasy residue. You can enjoy the benefits of the oil without feeling uncomfortable or weighed down.

Pure and Extra Virgin

Our Pure Bitter Almond Oil is always pure and extra virgin. We do not add any additives or fillers to ensure that you get the best quality oil. You can trust that our product is of the highest standard and will deliver the desired results.


The FDA does not allow any sellers to claim that any product can treat, cure, or prevent disease, or affect the structure or function of the body, including hair and skin. Therefore, we have kept this listing simple, even though Pure Bitter Almond Oil has many benefits and is truly helpful. We encourage you to do your own research and consult with professionals for personalized advice.