Pinnacle Mercantile Square 16oz. Spice Jars w/Sifter Lids (6-Pack)

Pinnacle Mercantile Square 16oz. Spice Jars w/Sifter Lids (6-Pack)


Welcome to the world of Pinnacle Mercantile Square 16oz. Spice Jars! These innovative and versatile containers are designed to revolutionize your spice storage experience. With their sifter lids and heavy-duty plastic construction, these jars are perfect for keeping your herbs, seasonings, and confectionary toppings fresh and easily accessible.

Main Features

1. Sifter Lids

The Pinnacle Mercantile Square 16oz. Spice Jars come with convenient sifter lids that allow you to sprinkle just the right amount of spices or toppings onto your dishes. No more messy spills or clumps!

2. Reusable and Durable

These jars are made from heavy-duty plastic, ensuring their durability and longevity. You can reuse them over and over again without worrying about breakage or wear and tear.

3. Perfect Size

With a capacity of 16oz., these square spice jars provide ample space for storing your favorite herbs, seasonings, and confectionary toppings. Their compact size also makes them easy to store in your pantry or kitchen cabinet.

4. Versatile Use

Not only are these jars great for storing spices, but they can also be used for organizing and storing other small items such as beads, buttons, or even office supplies. The possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these spice jars dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, these spice jars are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze.

Q: Can I label these jars?

A: Absolutely! The square shape of these jars provides a perfect surface for labeling, allowing you to easily identify the contents inside.

Q: How many jars are included in a pack?

A: Each pack contains 6 spice jars, giving you plenty of storage options.

Q: Can I use these jars for storing liquids?

A: These jars are not designed for storing liquids as they have sifter lids. They are best suited for dry ingredients.

Experience the convenience and durability of the Pinnacle Mercantile Square 16oz. Spice Jars w/Sifter Lids (6-Pack) today. Say goodbye to messy spice cabinets and hello to organized and easily accessible spices!