Okatsune 215 Ikebana Scissors

Okatsune 215 Ikebana Scissors


The Okatsune 215 Ikebana Scissors are a must-have tool for anyone interested in the art of Ikebana, the traditional Japanese floral arrangement. These scissors are specifically designed to meet the needs of Ikebana practitioners, allowing them to create stunning and precise arrangements with ease.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Construction: The Okatsune 215 Ikebana Scissors are made from high-quality carbon steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting sharpness.
  • Precision Cutting: The blades of these scissors are incredibly sharp, allowing for precise and clean cuts on various plant materials.
  • Comfortable Grip: The ergonomic design of the handle provides a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.
  • Compact Size: With a length of 6.7 inches, these scissors are compact and easy to handle, making them ideal for intricate Ikebana arrangements.
  • Traditional Design: The Okatsune 215 Ikebana Scissors feature a traditional Japanese design, adding an authentic touch to your Ikebana practice.

How to Use

Using the Okatsune 215 Ikebana Scissors is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to create beautiful Ikebana arrangements:

  1. Select the plant materials you want to use for your arrangement.
  2. Hold the scissors with a firm grip, ensuring your fingers are positioned comfortably on the handle.
  3. Carefully position the blades of the scissors on the stem or branch you wish to cut.
  4. Apply gentle pressure and make a clean, precise cut.
  5. Repeat the process for each stem or branch, arranging them according to your desired Ikebana style.


The Okatsune 215 Ikebana Scissors are the perfect tool for anyone passionate about Ikebana. With their high-quality construction, precision cutting, comfortable grip, compact size, and traditional design, these scissors will enhance your Ikebana practice and help you create stunning floral arrangements. Invest in the Okatsune 215 Ikebana Scissors and elevate your Ikebana skills to new heights.