OKGEAR 10-Pack CAT6 STP Ethernet Cables – High-Speed Network Patch LAN RJ45 Cables

OKGEAR 10-Pack CAT6 STP Ethernet Cables


The OKGEAR 10-Pack CAT6 STP Ethernet Cables are the perfect solution for enhancing your network connectivity. With their shielded twisted pair design and high-speed capabilities, these cables ensure reliable and efficient data transmission for your LAN devices.

Key Features

  • 10-pack of CAT6 STP Ethernet cables
  • 6-foot length for flexible connectivity
  • Shielded twisted pair design for reduced interference
  • 550mhz bandwidth for high-speed data transmission
  • RJ45 connectors for universal compatibility

Enhanced Network Connectivity

With the OKGEAR CAT6 STP Ethernet Cables, you can experience improved network performance. These cables are designed to minimize crosstalk and electromagnetic interference, ensuring a stable and reliable connection for your LAN devices. Whether you are gaming, streaming, or transferring large files, these cables provide the bandwidth and speed you need.

Easy Installation

The 6-foot length of these cables offers flexibility in setting up your network. Whether you need to connect devices in close proximity or across a room, these cables provide ample length for your requirements. The RJ45 connectors ensure easy and secure connections, allowing you to quickly set up your network without any hassle.

Universal Compatibility

The OKGEAR CAT6 STP Ethernet Cables are compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers, routers, switches, gaming consoles, and more. The RJ45 connectors ensure a universal fit, allowing you to connect your devices without any compatibility issues. Upgrade your network infrastructure with these versatile cables.


Upgrade your network connectivity with the OKGEAR 10-Pack CAT6 STP Ethernet Cables. These shielded twisted pair cables provide high-speed and reliable connections for your LAN devices. With their easy installation and universal compatibility, these cables are a must-have for any network setup. Experience enhanced network performance and seamless data transmission with the OKGEAR CAT6 STP Ethernet Cables.