Mocc Ons – Moccasin Style Slipper Socks – Pink Spots (24-36 Months)

Mocc Ons – Moccasin Style Slipper Socks


Welcome to the world of Mocc Ons! These Moccasin Style Slipper Socks in Pink Spots are the perfect combination of comfort and style for your little one. Designed for children aged 24-36 months, these slipper socks will keep their feet cozy and warm while adding a touch of cuteness to their outfits.

Main Features

1. Soft and Comfortable

The Mocc Ons slipper socks are made from high-quality materials that are soft and gentle on your child’s delicate skin. The plush lining provides extra warmth and comfort, making them perfect for colder days.

2. Non-Slip Sole

With a non-slip sole, these slipper socks ensure that your little one can walk and play safely on various surfaces. The grip dots on the sole provide traction and prevent accidental slips and falls.

3. Stylish Design

The moccasin style design with pink spots adds a touch of style to your child’s outfit. Whether they are wearing them at home or out and about, these slipper socks will make them look adorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the recommended age range for these slipper socks?

A: These slipper socks are designed for children aged 24-36 months.

Q: Are these slipper socks machine washable?

A: Yes, these slipper socks can be easily washed in the machine. We recommend using a gentle cycle and cold water to maintain their quality.

Q: Can these slipper socks be worn outdoors?

A: While these slipper socks are primarily designed for indoor use, they can be worn outdoors on dry surfaces. However, please note that they are not suitable for wet or slippery conditions.

In conclusion, the Mocc Ons – Moccasin Style Slipper Socks in Pink Spots are the perfect choice for keeping your child’s feet cozy, stylish, and safe. With their soft and comfortable materials, non-slip sole, and adorable design, these slipper socks are a must-have for every little one. Get a pair for your child today!