Jesmonite AC100 Water Based Casting Resin 3.5kg Kit

Jesmonite AC100 Water Based Casting Resin 3.5kg Kit

Introducing Jesmonite AC100, a revolutionary water-based casting resin system that offers a safer alternative to conventional solvent-based materials. With its unique properties and versatility, this acrylic polymer resin opens up a world of possibilities for various casting and laminating applications.

Endless Possibilities

Jesmonite AC100 is an extremely versatile material that allows you to unleash your creativity without limitations. Whether you’re creating intricate sculptures, decorative objects, or architectural elements, this resin system can bring your ideas to life. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the possibilities offered by Jesmonite AC100.

Achieving the Perfect Finish

The finished color of Jesmonite AC100 is a beautiful white shade with a subtle peachy/pink tone. However, if you desire a pure white cast, you can easily achieve it by adding the Jesmonite White Pigment. Simply mix the pigment at a maximum ratio of 2% to achieve the desired color. This allows you to customize your creations and achieve the perfect finish for your projects.

Easy Mixing and Demoulding

Mixing Jesmonite AC100 is a breeze with its simple mix ratio of 2.5 parts base to 1 part liquid by weight. This ensures accurate and consistent results every time. After pouring your mixture into the desired mold, the demould time is just 2 hours. Within 24 hours, your cast will be fully set and ready for further processing or display.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Jesmonite AC100 safe to use?

Yes, Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based resin system that eliminates the risks associated with conventional solvent-based materials. It is non-toxic and safe to use in well-ventilated areas.

2. Can Jesmonite AC100 be used for outdoor applications?

Yes, Jesmonite AC100 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It offers excellent weather resistance and durability, making it a reliable choice for various projects.

3. Can I add additional pigments to Jesmonite AC100?

Absolutely! Jesmonite AC100 can be easily customized with additional pigments to achieve a wide range of colors and effects. Experiment with different pigments to create unique and stunning finishes.


Jesmonite AC100 is a game-changer in the world of casting and laminating materials. Its water-based, two-component, acrylic polymer resin system offers a safer alternative to conventional solvent-based materials, without compromising on versatility and quality. With Jesmonite AC100, you can explore endless possibilities and bring your creative visions to life. So why wait? Unleash your creativity and start creating with Jesmonite AC100 today!