Hayabusa Ultra-Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi – Black

Hayabusa Ultra-Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi – Black

Introducing the Hayabusa Ultra-Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi in black. This gi is designed for both training and competition, with its IBJJF compliant design and durable yet lightweight fabric. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a beginner looking for a high-performance gi, this product is perfect for you.



The jacket of this gi is made from 350-GSM pearl-weave cotton, providing a comfortable and durable fit. The pants are made from an 8oz ripstop cotton-polyester blend with a stretch drawstring, allowing for easy adjustments and a secure fit.


This gi sets new standards for competition gis, as it combines a lightweight design with exceptional durability. The pearl weave fabric ensures that the gi can withstand the rigors of day-to-day training without sacrificing quality or style.


The High Performance Gi has a lighter weight design that keeps you cool and allows for fluid movement through any technique or position while you train or compete. The fabric is breathable and comfortable, ensuring that you can focus on your jiu-jitsu without any distractions.


Make weight without compromising on performance. On competition day, you should be thinking about jiu-jitsu, not making weight. This gi is our lightest option, designed to help you beat the scale. The gi weight varies per size, ranging from 3.1lbs to 4.2lbs. Refer to the size chart below to find the perfect fit for you.

Size Chart

  • A0 – 3.1lbs
  • A1 – 3.3lbs
  • A2 – 3.5lbs
  • A3 – 3.8lbs
  • A4 – 4.0lbs
  • A5 – 4.2lbs

Care Instructions

To ensure the longevity of your gi, follow these care instructions. The gi is pre-treated to prevent color fade. Wash it in cold water and hang it to dry. The pre-washed fabric helps maintain color and fabric integrity, ensuring the same comfort and feel wash after wash. Please note that pre-washed is different from pre-shrunk, so avoid shrinkage by washing in cold water and hanging it to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this gi suitable for both training and competition?

A: Yes, this gi is designed to meet the requirements of both training and competition. It is IBJJF compliant and made from durable yet lightweight fabric.

Q: What sizes are available?

A: This gi is available in sizes A0 to A5. Please refer to the size chart above to find the perfect fit for you.

Q: Can I wash this gi in a washing machine?

A: It is recommended to wash this gi in cold water and hang it to dry. This helps maintain the fabric integrity and prevents shrinkage.


The Hayabusa Ultra-Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi in black is a top choice for both training and competition. Its IBJJF compliant design, durable yet lightweight fabric, and comfortable fit make it a must-have for any jiu-jitsu practitioner. Invest in this gi and experience the difference it can make in your performance.