Green Olive Firewood Chunks – Product Description

Green Olive Firewood Chunks

Discover the perfect firewood for cooking and heating – Green Olive Firewood Chunks. These chunks are dense, dry, and heavy, making them ideal for various purposes. Whether you want to add a mild woody flavor to your food or heat your home efficiently, these firewood chunks are the perfect choice.


Green Olive Firewood Chunks are carefully selected and sourced from olive trees. These logs, nuggets, and chunks vary in size, allowing you to control the intensity of heat and flavor. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including home fires, stoves, chimneys, pizza ovens, fire pits, BBQs, and smokers.


  • Adds a mild woody flavor deep into the food when used for cooking
  • Burns with an intense heat for home heating over a long period of time
  • Highly calorific, providing efficient heat
  • Dry wood burns efficiently with less emissions and soot
  • Burns with a lovely Mediterranean aroma
  • FAST delivery within 3-5 working days
  • 0.06 cubic meter loose volume equivalent, supplied as 2 net bags

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do the firewood chunks burn?

The Green Olive Firewood Chunks burn for a long period of time, providing a steady source of heat. The exact duration depends on the size of the chunks and the intensity of the fire.

2. Can I use these chunks for smoking meat?

Absolutely! These firewood chunks are perfect for smoking meat and adding a delicious woody flavor to your dishes.

3. Are the firewood chunks suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, the Green Olive Firewood Chunks are suitable for outdoor use. They can be used in fire pits, BBQs, and smokers to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.


In conclusion, Green Olive Firewood Chunks are the perfect choice for cooking and heating. With their dense and dry composition, they burn efficiently and provide a mild woody flavor to your food. Enjoy the lovely Mediterranean aroma and order your firewood chunks today!