EK Water Blocks EK-CoolStream PE 480 – schwarz

EK Water Blocks EK-CoolStream PE 480 – schwarz


Welcome to our article on the EK Water Blocks EK-CoolStream PE 480 – schwarz. This high-quality liquid cooling radiator is designed to provide exceptional cooling performance for your PC. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or a professional who requires a reliable cooling solution, the EK-CoolStream PE 480 is a perfect choice.

Main Features

  • High-performance cooling: The EK-CoolStream PE 480 is engineered to deliver excellent cooling efficiency, ensuring that your PC components stay at optimal temperatures even during intense usage.
  • Enhanced design: With its sleek and stylish black finish, this radiator adds a touch of elegance to your PC build. Its compact size allows for easy installation in various PC cases.
  • Durable construction: Made from high-quality materials, the EK-CoolStream PE 480 is built to last. It is resistant to corrosion and offers long-term reliability.
  • Easy installation: The radiator comes with pre-installed G1/4″ ports, making it compatible with a wide range of fittings. The installation process is straightforward, even for beginners.
  • Optimized performance: The EK-CoolStream PE 480 features a dense fin structure that maximizes heat dissipation. This ensures efficient cooling and helps maintain stable system performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: EK-CoolStream PE 480 – schwarz
  • Dimensions: 520mm x 130mm x 38mm
  • Material: Copper fins, brass chambers, aluminum housing
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Compatibility: 120mm fan mounting holes
  • Ports: 2x G1/4″


The EK Water Blocks EK-CoolStream PE 480 – schwarz is a top-of-the-line liquid cooling radiator that offers exceptional performance and durability. Its sleek design and easy installation make it a popular choice among PC enthusiasts. Upgrade your cooling system today with the EK-CoolStream PE 480 and experience improved thermal management for your PC.