Beka Baby 4 in 1 Bassinet Bedside Sleeper

Beka Baby 4 in 1 Bassinet Bedside Sleeper

Introducing the Beka Baby 4 in 1 Bassinet Bedside Sleeper, a versatile and convenient baby bed that offers 4 functions in one. With its retractable side, portable diaper changing table, and breathable mesh sides, this bedside sleeper is perfect for newborns.

About BEKA 4-in-1 pack & play Baby Bedside Sleeper

With its “push-pull” function, the Beka Baby 4 in 1 Bassinet Bedside Sleeper provides parents with the ultimate flexibility in parenting during the first 6 months to 1 year old of a newborn baby. Boasting its 4-in-1 functionalities, this pack n play bedside sleeper features a portable diaper changing table, a crib with a retractable wall, and 360掳 breathable mesh sides. You can easily transform the bassinet side sleeper into a diaper changing table, bedside sleeper, or a playard for babies. At the same time, you can also store a pack of wipes, diapers, feeding bottles, and clothes in the extra storage component. The bedside bassinet sleeper saves 50%+ space when traveling outside and is portable, moving from place to place on 2 wheels with brakes. BEKA baby bedside bed pays attention to safety, quality, and safety level and has passed the multiple certifications of CPSC, SGS, and BSCI to ensure the health and safety of the baby.


  • Total weight: 17.5lb
  • Playard Weight: 13.78lb
  • Weight Capacity: diaper changing table & crib (babies <30lb)
  • Open: 41.3*31.1*28.3in
  • Folded: 38.8*9.8*28.7in

Package includes:

  • 1 X Basic Bassinet + detachable crib
  • 1 X Diaper Changing Table
  • 1 X Travel Bag
  • 1 X Instruction Manual
  • 1 X Storage Shelf
  • 1 X Mattress


The Beka baby bed has a retractable side that can be raised or lowered to provide direct and easy access to your baby for middle-of-the-night feeding, comforting, and diaper changing, especially for moms who have had a C-section. The second layer crib is fixed with buckles instead of a zipper, making it firmer and safer on the bassinet. The baby bassinet bedside sleeper also features special safety straps & anchors (adjustable to match beds up to 6.56ft in width) to secure it to an adult bed.


The Beka bassinet side sleeper boasts 4-in-1 genius features. With just one step, you can raise or lower the retractable side to turn it from a bedside sleeper to a crib. The BEKA baby bed provides a removable diaper changing table with a safety belt (for babies <25in/<15lb). With a quick detachment of the bassinet layer, it can turn into a Playard (for babies <35in/<30lb) or storage space for toys and baby gear. The baby cribs 4 in 1 convertible are ideal from newborns to 30lbs.


The bassinet crib layer of the baby bed features 3 support tubes (+1 PLUS!) and 4 grabbing buckles to prevent it from being turned over by weight. It is sturdy enough to support up to 15lbs. The 360掳 breathable mesh sides ensure air circulation and easy parental supervision, a big factor in keeping new parents’ anxiety down. The BEKA bassinet bedside sleeper has 2 wheels with a safety brake on each that work well whether moving or staying in place.


No extra tools are required to assemble or store the bassinet side sleeper. Just pull and press the rails and lock them on the bottom of the baby playard. The bassinet side sleeper is very light and compact, takes up very little space, and can be disassembled to fit into the included travel bag with all accessories. Also, the 38”*25” inner size of the bedside bassinet for baby is compatible with a mattress and cushion of standard sizes.


Baby’s safety is our top priority. Following international safety standards, the BEKA bassinet has passed all certifications of CPSC, SGS, and BSCI, including ASTM F406-19, CPSC 16 CFR, etc., and meets the strictly recommended safety standards. The PP material is paint-free, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly, caring for healthy development at the early age of children.


The Beka Baby 4 in 1 Bassinet Bedside Sleeper is the perfect solution for new parents looking for a versatile and convenient baby bed. With its 4-in-1 functionalities, retractable side, and portable diaper changing table, this bedside sleeper offers flexibility and ease of use. Its high safety standards and certifications ensure the health and safety of your baby. Invest in the Beka Baby 4 in 1 Bassinet Bedside Sleeper and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind it brings.